Racial Equity and Inclusion - Our North Star

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is Wisconsin’s largest community foundation. Since 1915, it has partnered with generous donors to strengthen the region in every way imaginable. Over these many years, the Foundation has grown along with the community it serves, expanding on its founding purpose as a philanthropic resource to encompass a broader role of community leadership, strategic investment and advocacy. Now more than ever, it is critical for the Foundation to use its broad range of resources—financial, human—as well as its knowledge, expertise, influence and relationships to address urgent needs and pursue the lasting health and vibrancy of greater Milwaukee.

Our early contributions and successes set the course, yet we also understand our region’s systems continue to grow in their inequity and outcomes for communities of color. As we build a fuller understanding and commitment to overcoming our region’s challenges, we are guided by our North Star of racial equity and inclusion toward a shared vision of building a Milwaukee for all.

Our journey in racial equity over the last 20 years has been one of learning, collaboration and action, both inside and out.

The Public Equity Group recently released a case study about the Foundation’s progress along its equity journey. It is one of several organizations that PEG is highlighting as part of the Equity Continuum, a toolkit to help other groups advance equity within their own organizations.

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