Publicity Guidelines

Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation! We encourage you to share the good news about your grant and recognize the generous donors who made it possible. The following information provides guidance on how to promote your grant. 

Advertising and signage  

Use the full name of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and/or the Foundation’s logo.  

Collateral and promotional materials 

Acknowledge the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the grant in promotional materials. 

Example: A $10,000 grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation helped support the program. 


We encourage you to include the Foundation’s logo where appropriate in sharing news about your grant and the program or project it supports. Do not alter the Foundation logo. Contact our graphic designer, Paula Perez, for usage guidelines and to make sure you have the most recent logo and the appropriate format you need. 

Media relations 

If anyone from your organization participates in media interviews about the funded program, we ask that you acknowledge the Foundation’s grant.  

News release

If you would like to include a supporting quote in your press release from a member of the Foundation staff, email Jeremy Podolski.

Please use the following “boilerplate” paragraph to describe the Foundation in any publicity: 

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is Wisconsin’s largest community foundation and was among the first established in the world. For more than a century, the Foundation has been at the heart of the civic community, helping donors achieve the greatest philanthropic impact, elevating the work of changemakers across neighborhoods, and bringing people and organizations together to help our region thrive. Racial equity is the Foundation’s North Star, guiding its investments and strategies for social and economic change. Leveraging generations of community knowledge, cross-sector partnerships and more than $1 billion in financial assets, the Foundation is committed to reimagining philanthropy, catalyzing systems change, convening and following community voice, and building inclusive culture to transform our region into a Milwaukee for all. 

Social media 

Join our community on social media and tag us so we can also spread the word about your good work in the community.  

When announcing the grant and related work on social media, make sure to tag the Foundation in your posts.  

Sample social media posts: 


“Thank you to @greatermilwaukeefoundation for supporting [INSERT ORGANIZATION] with a grant to [INSERT SPECIFICS OF PROJECT]. Partnerships with supporters like you help us [INSERT APPROPRIATE PHRASE OF DETAIL i.e., achieve our goals, feed XXX children, build XXXX, etc.] 

When project is launched (with picture or video): 

We just [opened, fed, built, launched, etc.] thanks to a grant from @greatermilwaukeefoundation, which made this possible. [details of how this project expands your organization’s impact]. 


When the grant is awarded: 

“Thank you @GrMKEFdn for supporting [INSERT ORGANIZATION] with a grant, which will help us [INSERT DESCRIPTION]. 

When project is launched (with picture or video): 

We just [opened, fed, built, launched, short details of project]. Thanks @GrMKEFdn for this grant that made it possible! 

Share your story with us!  

We love to feature stories of our grantees through our website, publications, social media and other communication vehicles. We encourage you to send us photos related to the work that your Foundation grant supports and a brief description of the program or project. High resolution .jpg files are preferred. Send photos to Senior Editorial and Social Media Specialist Becca Mader.


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