Equitable Economic Opportunity

Affordable housing, a strong small business sector and a well-trained workforce are key economic building blocks to the thriving community that we envision. We are committed to marshalling our resources to contribute to that economic vibrancy in the greater Milwaukee area. 


Our communities are brimming with talent and assets, but in too many places, the lack of external investment holds back economic opportunity and quality of life for people.  This is a leading factor in the disparities we see in employment, income and homeownership that disproportionately harm communities of color.  


Everyone in Milwaukee has an opportunity for economic prosperity.  


  • Supporting entrepreneurs, creating jobs and building wealth in communities 
  • Investing in workforce development  
  • Increasing the supply of and access to quality, affordable housing


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Recent investments 

  • Visit Recent Grants for a listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process toward housing, workforce development and small business. 
  • Our impact investing program focuses on supporting entrepreneurs, creating jobs and building wealth in communities including small business, venture capital, commercial real estate and other community developments, as well as contributing to the supply of safe, affordable housing. 

Funding opportunities 


Community Development Alliance  
As a funder and founding member of the Community Development Alliance, the Foundation is collaborating with public and private partners to advance Milwaukee’s first ever collective, affordable housing plan.  

Support Equitable Economic Opportunity

Donors can support the Foundation’s efforts in housing and small business by giving to the Foundation’s Housing or Impact Investing funds.

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